NY Islander's Plus/Minus for 2023-24: Hudson Fasching Hopes to Become the Offensive Hero the Islanders Need

Montreal Canadiens v New York Islanders
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MINUS: Consistency Issues

With expectations for the upcoming season high for the forward, Fasching still needs to work on his game, namely, consistency issues. Fasching has had point streaks and point droughts, but the droughts tend to be longer than his point streaks.

Despite having an incredible first few games in the points category, Fasching proceeded to have a 12-game goalless streak and only had two assists during the stint. Lambert moved Fasching around the lineup, trying to spark something for him, but not much seemed to work. The goalless streak wasn't for a lack of trying. During that 12-game drought, Fasching had at least a shot on goal in all but five games.

Fasching's longest goal-drought last season lasted from January 18th until March 7th, leaving him goalless during February. With his struggles to score during the most crucial time of the season, especially in the Metro division, Fasching needs to work to find his spark early on in the season, making the monkey stays off his back. No one said scoring a goal in the NHL is easy, but we all know that Fasching can and will score - he just has to find his groove and maintain his focus and confidence.