NY Islanders legend Butch Goring has last laugh over TNT and ESPN studio hosts

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders
Boston Bruins v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

NY Islanders color analyst Butch Goring wanted the last laugh and the last word.

Back in February, the four-time Stanley Cup champion and 1981 Conn Smythe winner took exception to TNT studio host Paul Bissonnette's comments about the Islanders being boring and preferring a team such as the Buffalo Sabres to make the playoffs over the team Goring covers for MSG Networks.

I would love to see the Buffalo Sabres in the playoffs; they're way more exciting than the Islanders. The Islanders are the most boring team in the NHL. I do not want them to make the playoffs. I don't care if all of Long Island hates my guts. They are a snoozefest! Snoozefest!
TNT analyst Paul Bissonnette

Well, hours before the puck drops in the Islanders opening round match-up against the Carolina Hurricanes, Goring made sure that "Biz" knew he didn't forget his comments from earlier in the season and gave Biz the business.

Only Goring wasn't done; he then turned his attention to ESPN studio analysts Ryan Callahan and PK Subban, who pretended to have fallen asleep while watching the Islanders host the Sabres in early March in a game that the Isles ended up winning 3-2 as part of their playoff push.

"I am guessing Subban and Callahan will be going to bed early, given the Isles are playing tonight. No big deal, no one will miss them," tweeted the 1978 Bill Masterton Trophy and the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner.

Islanders fans can only hope their team comes out as feisty as their color analyst was on social media Monday afternoon. The Isles have always played best as an underdog and with a chip on their shoulder and that is the case as they start the postseason against the team with the second most points in the NHL.

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