NY Islanders Plus/Minus for 2023-24: Simon Hölmstrom to fight for an opening night roster spot

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders
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There is still plenty of development required of Hölmstrom to become a quality NHL forward, taking that first step by making his debut this season. Though point production wasn't anything significant, Hölmstrom has shown his capabilities on the defensive end of the ice. He found himself on the team's penalty-kill often, and if he were to fill in for Zach Parise, should he retire, Hölmstrom would become an adequate replacement.

Hölmstrom's work ethic never seemed to falter despite his lack of points. He played every shift to the best of his capabilities, willing to battle for pucks and sacrifice his body.

The more simple Hölmstrom keeps his game, the better. He's not going to wow anybody with marvelous puck skills, but his simplification works well, especially on the third line, where he'd likely see playing time.

A bit more production will be expected of Hölmstrom, as he's proven he can do so at the AHL level. While the NHL is a massive step up, he's capable of raking in the assists and will look to do so this year.