Paul Bissonnette calls NY Islanders Hall of Famer Butch Goring an 'Old Fart'

Feb 29, 2020; Uniondale, New York, USA;  Former New York Islanders player Butch Goring addresses the
Feb 29, 2020; Uniondale, New York, USA; Former New York Islanders player Butch Goring addresses the / Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The rivalry between Paul Bissonnette and NY Islanders legend/broadcaster Butch Goring is quickly becoming of hockey's best. The Spittin' Chiclets podcaster recently 'declared war' on the Islanders after the fans booed John Tavares upon scoring his 1,000th career point.

On the NHL on TNT tonight, Biz attempted to make amends with the Islanders faithful, extending a literal olive branch to host and Islanders fan Liam McHugh.

"You know, I was a little poopy pants, especially when you guys booed Johnny T the other night when he scored his 1,000th point, but it's the season of being joyful," said Bissonnette. "I actually have a peace treaty. I've called them (the Islanders) boring in the past. Slow. Unelectrifying."

Bissonnette then presented McHugh with blue and orange roses and an olive branch in an attempt to end the war of words.

"This is on behalf of myself as a peace treaty to Islanders nation," Biz continued. "Thank you so much for making games more exciting this year."

Though nobody was buying the perennial Islanders haters' words, Goring took to social media to call out the former NHL tough guy, unwilling to accept his apology.

Butchie's one jab wasn't enough for the Islander's Hall of Famer, as he wasn't yet done with Bissonnette. With Alex Ovechkin's recent struggles, Goring believes Biz maybe someone who can help him get back to his scoring ways. "I think you should meet with OV, you're just the guy to help him out of the slump," said Goring.

Bissonnette then took his biggest shot at the 4-time Stanley Cup champion, hitting back at the 74-year-old. "The geezer is firing tonight 🤣. TNT should bring you in for a demo to show the fans how to put dentures & diapers on you old fart."

The two have gone back and forth since February of this year, with Butch unwilling to back down to a foe 36 years his junior. He may not have been willing to drop the gloves on the ice, but Goring has been dropping them often as of late.