Potential Montreal Canadiens retool: three targets for Islanders

New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens
New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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The New York Islanders need to strengthen their roster. With the Montreal Canadiens retooling who should they target off of the Habs roster?

The Montreal Canadiens have made big changes at the top of the organization. GM Marc Bergevin is gone as is Trevor Timmins and Paul Wilson. Former New York Rangers GM Jeff Gorton was named executive VP of Hockey Operations and will lead the Habs search for a new GM and a new direction. As the New York Islanders look for reinforcements, can they look to Montreal for those reinforcements?

I know the first thing I did when I saw the quotes from owner Jeff Molson that the Habs needed "a fresh start" was to look at who the Islanders could pick off the Habs roster.

And while I know the Montreal Canadiens are technically better than the Islanders (they have two extra points in the standings), both teams are - supposed- to be at different phases within their cycle. With the firings, the Habs are retooling while the Isles are supposed to be in their window for a cup. Although the current standings seem to suggest otherwise for the Islanders.

First, I want to talk about timing. The Montreal Canadiens are seemingly in no rush to appoint a new GM. That means the Islanders have time to get back to full strength and see if they're indeed still buyers or not.

Because as it stands now the Islanders aren't in a position to buy. I know the goal was supposed to be a Stanley Cup this year, but being 12 points back of a wild card spot with 20% of the season completed isn't great.

But its possible that the Islanders turn things around. While they are 12 points back, they have four games in hand and an overwhelming amount of their schedule is at home. Where the Islanders have been excellent since 2018-19.

If the Islanders can get back to a path to the playoffs, both squads would be ideal trade partners. So, with that assumption (that the Isles can get back to a playoff spot) who should the Islanders target off the Montreal Canadiens roster? Here are three players I'd look at: why that player is a good target and why it might not happen.