Potential Montreal Canadiens retool: three targets for Islanders

New York Islanders v Montreal Canadiens
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Jeff Petry
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Jeff Petry

Getting a defenseman who can score and control a power play would be great. Being left handed would be ideal, but I don't think the New York Islanders will mind if that player is a righty.

Enter Jeff Petry.

Since 2017-18, Petry has 172 points in 313 games for the Habs. That includes 16 power-play goals and another 45 power-play helpers. Only Mathew Barzal (66) and Josh Bailey (65) have more PPP than Petry's 61 since 2017-18.

He's not a left-shot, but again that won't matter if the results come in.

Why it may not happen

Have you seen his contract? Petry is signed through 2024-25 at a $6.25 million cap hit. Can the Habs be convinced to hold some money to make it more palatable? Maybe?

Even if the Islanders asked them to hold a million dollars, that would still be asking a lot and will obviously raise the price. Now consider that Petry turns 34 in early December. That deal will pay him till he's 38-years-old. That's too much money for too long. Even if the Habs can be convinced to hold some of the AAV.