Ranking the NY Islanders Ten Top-10 Draft Picks of the 1990's

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After all the success of the NY Islanders in the 80s, the 90s were nearly the opposite. The team struggled on and off the ice, whether making the playoffs only three times in the decade or having the team sold to a con artist who could barely afford season tickets.

In 1995, the organization and the fan base endured one of the darkest times in the franchises history, as ownership elected to change the famous Islanders logo and colors for a new wave (pun intended) brighter color scheme with a fisherman logo.

Brett Lindros
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If there's one positive about finishing near the bottom of the standings year after year, it's the draft picks that come with it. Picking high in the draft for a decade straight, the Isles were bound to hit gold at least once, right? The odds were in their favor of finding a modern-day Pat LaFontaine or Denis Potvin, right?

The Isles made ten top-10 selections from 1990-1999. Some were duds and some went on to have solid NHL careers, with one inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Here's how we rank the ten top-10 draft picks made by the Islanders in the 1990s. These players are ranked on how their NHL careers panned out, not just their time with the Islanders: