Reaction: P.K Subban jumps Islanders Oliver Wahlstrom after hit on Jack Hughes

P.K. Subban vs Oliver Wahlstrom fight New Jersey Devils vs New York islanders (2022 NHL)
P.K. Subban vs Oliver Wahlstrom fight New Jersey Devils vs New York islanders (2022 NHL) / Sport Highlights everyday108

The New York Islanders continued to play well yesterday, beating the New Jersey Devils 4-3 in a Sunday afternoon matinee. The Capitals lost, and that puts the Islanders just 11 points out with 14 games remaining. We are all still hoping for a miracle, but it's time to look at the incident between Oliver Wahlstrom and P.K Subban

If you haven't got a chance to watch the hit, Oliver Wahlstrom went knee to knee with Jack Hughes because Hughes decided to try and avoid the hit at the last second. If Hughes had just taken the hit, there would have been no argument for a dirty play. P.K Subban was on the ice, and his initial reaction was to defend the Devils young star player.

I have watched the video over and over and seen comments from all sites and media outlets. The opinion is very mixed on the reaction. Subban went over to Wahlstrom, not giving him a second to react, and threw off the gloves. Subban hit Wahlstrom with a right uppercut, knocking him down to the ice. He then proceeded to keep throwing punches while Wahlstrom was down.

P.K Subban Jumps Islanders Oliver Wahlstrom After Hit on Jack Hughes: Reaction

I'm all for protecting your best player if you feel justified, but P.K Subban's response was just too much. Wahlstrom had nearly no time to react and square up and punching a player when he is on the ice goes against the fighting code in the NHL. P.K Subban is very lucky he got ejected from the game because you could clearly see Barry Trotz talking to Ross Johnston on the bench afterward.

The Islanders had Chara, Martin, and Johnston all in the lineup who could have done some justice for Oliver Wahlstrom. Unfortunately, the two teams do not meet again in the regular season so the justice will have to wait until next year. What do you think of the situation?