Remembering the Islanders Fans Santa Fight

New York City Celebrates Christmas
New York City Celebrates Christmas / Amir Levy/GettyImages

18 years ago, man I'm old, one of the funniest things happened in New York Islanders history. The Islanders were doing a promotion where they let people dress up like Santa and if you did, you had the chance to go on the ice during one of the intermissions.

It, as you imagine, went pretty chaotic. In fact, one of the Santas took off his costume and had a Rangers jersey underneath. What happened next was one for the ages.

Like any good Islanders fan would do, the other Santas went over and got in on the action. In fact, a game ops person went over to him after and had him take off his jersey. you can watch the full exchange right here on YouTube.

This is one of my all-time favorite Islanders fans moments. From that era, the Islanders were bad for a very long time, all we had really was this, fight night, and Al Arbour coming back to coach for that one game. Oh, and Shawn Bates' penalty shot we can't forget about that legendary moment either.

That wasn't the only good thing on the ice that night either. The Islanders won 4-2 over the Philadelphia Flyers and got goals from Dave Scatchard, Arron Asham, Jason Blake, and then an empty netter from Asham again.

If you recall, the Islanders would make the playoffs that year but they got bounced in the first round of the playoffs to the Tampa bay Lightning who would go on and win the Stanley Cup that year.

Shoutout to Islander fans this Christmas. We're a crazy bunch but with moments like this, how could you not laugh?