Report: The return of the Islanders fisherman logo?

New York Islanders v Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Islanders v Toronto Maple Leafs / Graig Abel/GettyImages

The polarizing rumor that the New York Islanders' infamous "fisherman logo" would be incorporated in the team's next Reverse Retro jersey is gaining momentum as last night Stefen Rosner of NYIHockeyNow reported they are "hearing from league sources that the New York Islanders 2022-23 Reverse Retro jersey will encompass the Fisherman logo and style."

Rosner further reports that the jerseys will not be an exact replica and will include a "different, darker shade of blue, believed to be kind of similar to the Islanders’ 2019-20 Reverse Retro color."

There is a generational split with the fisherman. Fans that recall the stunning change in logo ahead of the 1995-96 season that coincided with dark days of Islanders hockey on the ice and "We Want Fishsticks" chants at MSG and the Nassuau Coliseum won't no part of a revisiting history.

Marty McInnis
New York Islanders vs Mighty Ducks of Anaheim / Glenn Cratty/GettyImages

But the younger fans, while not in complete agreement, tend to be more welcoming to the Fisherman design, one that is viewed as vintage and more of a fashion statement. The team's Isles Lab, located at UBS Arena and merchandise website has a whole line of "Fisherman Fan Favorities" they have been selling as the presence of the logo grew first at Barclays Center and now at the team's new home.

In a recent fan survey, with over 3,500 participants across the NHL landscape, the Fisherman logo was ranked in the middle of the pack, collecting an average rating of 5.9 on a scale of 1-10.

Last February, as was covered on Eyes on Isles, Post2Post, who covers the NHL on YouTube, claimed on Twitter that the team would use the fisherman logo for this year's retro jersey. That now appears to be coming to fruition.

There is no date for when the NHL will reveal this year's Reverse Retros or when the NHL will make an official announcement, but mentally prepare yourself for the return of the fisherman. If true, at least this time it won't come up at the expense of the royal blue and orange with "NY" logo and Long Island silhouette.

Let the debate intensify.