The Bridgeport Islanders unveiled a new primary logo and it's the fisherman!

AHL Bridgeport Islanders FISHERMAN Jersey Released!
AHL Bridgeport Islanders FISHERMAN Jersey Released! / Post2Post Productions

Two seasons ago, when the New York Islanders revealed their Reverse Retro v2.0 was a jersey with a re-imagined "Fisherman" logo, the team's Bridgeport AHL affiliate also joined in the fun.

While the Islanders retired their version after one season, the B-Isles continued to wear theirs on occasion last season. Now, the organization has made an even bigger leap, revealing that the Fisherman logo, with an added "Bridgeport" wordmark, will be the team's new primary logo.

The reveal came during the team's social media release of their full 2024-25 season. "In the heart of the Sound, a new chapter unfolds for the Bridgeport Islanders," the post read before the logo was shown following interchanging images between a player and a man wearing a fisherman jacket.

The Bridgeport version of the new Fisherman jersey resembles the one the Islanders wore in the mid-1990s and has some stark differences from the NHL team's dark navy version worn during the 2022-23 season. The logo's color pattern was different, and the orange was brighter. While both refreshed logos didn't use teal as their dominant color, the most significant difference was that the Bridgeport version didn't have a goalie net. There's still not a net, but "Bridgeport" was added.

The logo change will likely be a hit for fans of the Islanders and those who regularly attend Bridgeport games at Total Mortgage Arena. When the AHL affiliate rebranded itself from "Sound Tigers" to Islanders, it also came with a logo change. That logo was underwhelming, including a hockey stick forming part of a capital "B" with hockey tape taking the shape of a "NY" that was hard to see.

Now, more than 25 years later, it's the return of the Fisherman logo, this time as a primary logo, albeit for the minor leagues, is what fans are excited about.