The Life of an International NY Islanders Die-Hard: Australia

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Patterson began familiarizing herself with hockey just before the pandemic, watching clips and full games online before devoting her fandom to the Islanders. The player that captured her eye through his elegant style of play was Mat Barzal.

"His creativity as a player and the magic he can create on the ice as a playmaker is insane," Patterson said. "I remember feeling lucky to be watching a game live, in the moment against the Capitals on my TV in Australia and seeing Mat take on four different Caps players 200 feet down the ice and still score while every other Isles player was changing."

A few years ago, Patterson had plans to visit Boston, where she would see the Islanders for a road game. But then the pandemic shut the world down, making travel impossible. Now, she has plans to make in to UBS Arena, where she hopes to leave her mark and the mark of all Aussie Islanders fans.

"The ultimate dream is to visit UBS and be able to see as part of the NYI Supporter Group badges in UBS (and) see my logo that I created for NYI Australia Meet Ups hanging up there and holding up the supporter flag also underneath the badges section," says Patterson.

Though she's yet to see a game in person, the roaring of the crowd after a big goal and the emotion the Islanders fanbase puts into every shift can be felt on the other side of the world.

"Seeing both over the live streams when I am able to watch a game live, I can feel the amazing, intense energy that the NYIslanders and supporters bring to each and every home game," says Patterson. "I can feel this energy during so many special moments from the final playoff push in the Old Barn to our new home at UBS, which is truly built for this team and fans. When we made the playoffs again in game 82 this past season - that is unrivaled anywhere else I have watched sports before."