Trading For Jakob Chychrun Would Be A Home Run For Islanders

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Arizona Coyotes v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

This is probably stating the obvious here but the chances of this happening is rather small. Despite these small odds, when some people in the industry talk, you listen, and one of those people is Elliotte Friedman.

In his 32 thoughts podcast, Friedman discussed the possibility of the Islanders gauging the Jakob Chychrun market.

This would be a home run swing for Lou Lamoriello as his team could use a lefty who can move the puck on the blue line. Chychrun is just 23-years-old and already has six years of experience in the NHL as he came up and played right away after being drafted 16th overall by Arizona in 2016.

So we've established that he's young, what's his production like? Well, Chychrun is averaging 24:50 of ice time per game with seven points in 26 games. Last year was his best year in the league when he potted 18 goals and 41 points in the 56 game shortened season. He's the exact kind of offensive force the blue line could use.

The best part of it all? He's signed to a $4.6 million cap hit through the 2024-2025 season. So this isn't a rental or stop gap move for Lou. This is a make my team better right now and in the future move which is something that every Islander fan should get behind.

The final piece is the part that people are going to get upset about. It's the cost. Draft picks, prospects, roster players, you name it they would have to be on the table in this trade. Anthony Beauvillier as a roster play, Aatu Raty as a prospect, a first round draft selection. That's probably where you're starting out.

Sure, costs for players really varies and it's hard to tell just what a cost might be but for a 23-year-old on a very team friendly deal it's likely safe to assume it would cost a ton to get this one done.

I would love Jakob Chychrun on this team, and if Lou is able to pull it off that would be a home run, but I'd recommend not getting your hopes up on this one.