TV: Hulu's 'Shoresy' bares a NY Islanders connection you might have missed

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The summer is moving along and there's still not a whole lot to talk about with the NY Islanders, especially since we learned Nazem Kadri will not be wearing the orange and blue. Hockey starts to take the back seat of sports conversations until training camp starts, but fans love their hockey. Although Lou Lamoriello has made things interesting into August and September for the last two years, we've learned we might not have much to talk about for the next couple of weeks now.

Like every other sport, hockey has a few shows and movies to keep the hockey fan at bay, feeding the hockey hunger in the summer is difficult but movies like Slap Shot and Miracle always help.

There's a new show that may interest hockey fans and interestingly enough, it comes with an Islanders tie.


Let's preface this recommendation by saying that this is not a show for children. The Mighty Ducks movies or show is just fine for the kids, but Shoresy is not children-appropriate.

Having said that, Shoresy is extremely entertaining for adults and more specifically, hockey fans. Shoresy is a spin-off of the show, Letterkenny, an entertaining sitcom that has frequent hockey references. The show is named after the main character. Shoresy is a foul-mouthed, high-pitched men’s hockey player that enjoys chirping and getting under the skin of his opponents and teammates.

Shoresy and the Sudbury Bulldogs are in danger of folding the club after a poor start to their campaign. With five games remaining in the Bulldogs season, Shoresy places a wager with the team owner that his team won't lose any of the remaining five games in order to try and help fill seats at their arena.

The recruitment of new players and the attitude later added to the locker room create inside hockey banter and good comedy all around.

Islanders Connection

The show makes mention of many hockey players and also casts some former NHLers as well. Former first-round pick, Terry Ryan, plays the character Hitch.

Ryan recently played in the Spittin' Chiclets ball hockey tournament called ‘The Chiclets Cup’.

The Islander connection comes through three characters that all share the name, Jim. Two of the "Jim’s" are former NHLers and sons of former Islanders head coach, Ted Nolan. In fact, Jordan Nolan was a member of the Los Angeles Kings' two Stanley Cups in 2012 and 2014. Additionally, he won a cup with the St. Louis Blue in 2019. Brandon Nolan played 40 games with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in the 2006-07 season tallying 13 points. He had one NHL stint in the 2007-08 season playing six games with the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Nolan boys play a quiet, but a hilarious role in the show, Jordan being the more talkative of the group. The season is just six episodes and is a quick watch for those desperate for their hockey fix. The show can be streamed on Hulu. For those hockey fans who love a dry sense of goofy, raunchy humor, Shoresy is the show for you.