New York Islanders Were Saved By Hockey Gods From Living A Hockey Nightmare

The New York Islanders backed themselves into a corner but the hockey gods saved them from what may have been the ultimate collapse.

The New York Islanders played Houdini and wiggled out from what may have been a franchise crushing disaster.  The team backed into the playoffs and played themselves into for lack of better word a pathetic position.

The simple fact that there was any chance of them not making the playoffs is inexcusable.  This group finally gave fans a true contender and bragging rights for the first time in over two decades.  Yes it feels good that the team is in and can wipe the slate clean.  As we all know the NHL playoffs is a entire separate season.

The question is, can the Islanders regain the confidence and that mid-season intensity where it truly felt they were a Stanley Cup Contender? Currently as a fan I have mentally prepared myself for the worse.  A one and done in and out.

To harsh, not at all.  Just a few weeks ago  Islander fans were walking with their head up and chest out as the team was the leader in the Metropolitan division.  The slow descent from the top spot to currently third has been long and painful.  Blown leads, lack of scoring and I’ll say it soft goaltending all added up to, “you are not as good as you think”.  With all of my negative energy and personal attack on the team I will not apologize but I will say this.

Thank you for this roller coaster ride of a season.  The end of an era and the rise of new beginnings.  This team is young.  They have been rebuilding as an organization and Garth Snow in the end has done a heck of a job with what he had to work with the past years.

Let’s try and look at the big picture.  Our captain John Tavares is tied for first in the league for points and I feel should be a heavy favorite for MVP.  Anders Lee has put together a fantastic rookie season,  Brock Nelson is a twenty goal scorer again.  Jaroslav Halak now holds the franchise record for games won and 90% of the season has been their time in and time out.

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So why so harsh?  Because we believe.  Whatever has transpired the past month to get to this point needs to be mentally erased.  The Nassau Coliseum will rock again.  We are in the playoffs and anything can happen.

It is all about timing.  There is no better time than now.  Go out and win the next two games, show everyone you did what was in your remaining power to position yourself in getting home ice advantage.  As fans we ride the team hard and yes they have let us down the latter half of the season.

At this point who cares!  It is playoff hockey time and our boys are in.

We need to forgive and forget.  Instead of looking forward to the draft and next season there is hockey to play and close out that magical barn one last time.

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