New York Islanders: Jack Capuano Is Aware Of His Fate Should They Falter

Jack Capuano knows what his ultimate fate will be should his New York Islanders go one and done in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Ever since Jack Capuano had replaced Scott Gordon and was named interim coach of the New York Islanders, fans have been very vocal about the coaches future.

The past five season the Islanders have like always had their highs and lows.  Obviously they amassed more lows then historic moments.  The team only qualified for the playoffs one other time besides this season under Capuano’s guidance.  That season has a bold asterisk at the head of it being it was shortened because of the strike.  Who knows how the team would have fared if it was your normal 82.

Capuano somehow has wiggled his way out of trouble and has kept himself safe from the big Axe.  He has survived continuous losing streaks, failed playoff berths and a current spiral where the team limped into the playoffs this season.

Capuano’s future will rest on how his team responds in the playoffs.  The coach is not in a good position either, being their first round adversary is the Washington Capitals.  The Caps are a highly offensive team that will eat you alive on the power play.

Fans, especially the past month have lost all hope in the coach and his staff.  Capuano is considered a players coach, he keeps the team loose by not dropping the hammer on his players.  When addressing the media he has the glass is half-full approach.

A large part of the teams issues are when Cappy attempts to lay down the law his team does not respond to his coaching.

If your players don’t like you but respect you and you get results, you are a good coach.  If your players love you and would run through walls for you, again good coaching.  Capuano’s laid back approach does not have him landing in any of the two above styles.

His past and current teams look as if they are happy to play for him but again do not respond to any of his coaching tactics.  There needs to be consequences for players that keep making the same questionable mistakes.  Tough love doesn’t hurt anyone.  It is how you remember that being in the doghouse means less playing time.  You need to know why you were sat for a night or benched for a period.  The goal is to get the message across to your players, what they did wrong and why you will not play if you keep doing it.

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It feels as if Capuano does not have that happy medium when it comes to discipline.  The players respect him and value the entire staff, but when it is time to come down on one of his men it is either too much or too little.  No in between.

The Islanders have no choice but to ride this one out with Cappy.  If the Islanders come out and explode off the first faceoff and continue that drive and fight every second in each game then you cannot blame coaching.

Islanders nation just take a deep breath shake the late season anger and hope that Jack Capuano gets a handle on his team.

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