New York Islanders: Only Packing Jack Capuano Will Be Doing Is For Brooklyn

Jack Capuano and his staff survive another disappointing first round exit.

Like it or not Jack Capuano and Crew are all returning next season.  Ever since Capuano took over as the head coach of the team Islander nation has had Capuano on a short leash.  Everyone, myself included felt that a first round exit would be Jack’s inevitable end.  Obviously that is now not the case.

Now the team is heading into a new era, going into a new building and have proven they can win.  Garth Snow has shown he does have and idea how to be a GM.  Snow, even with all of the fans backlash is sticking to his guns and going to take Cappy to Brooklyn.  There are two sides to every coin.  So what are the reasons for keeping Capuano?

We do not know the true relationship behind closed doors that the players have with their coaches.  The Boychuk and Leddy signings may have had a large part with who the coaches are and the bond they made with their new team.  Firing Capuano would make most fans happy but the top players on the team could feel much different.

John Tavares is close with his coach and especially Dough weight.  Tavares is the savior to this organization and his opinion more than just matters, it is probably the final say.  If Snow goes and fires the staff now you have your superstars and players going into next season not knowing what they are to expect with a new coaches personality and philosophy.  Keeping the kids happy sometimes is the best way.

There is an obvious tight bond with this Islanders group.  There are more than major changes coming.  The Barclays is not going to feel like home for the Isles for at least the first half of the season.  Someone told me once “a house does not feel like a home until you live there for a year.”  Expect the same for the Islanders in their new arena.  Capuano may have been saved because too many major changes could ultimately wreck the psyche of the young team.

When the Islanders were on their game they were true contenders and looked unbeatable.  Capuano started to win over a portion of fans and gain respect around the league.  There was chatter of coach of the year etc…Then the wheels fell off at the end of the season and the team backed into the playoffs.

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Now the other side of the coin.  The first round loss was a hard hitting, grueling seven game series.  The Islanders had their share of chances to control and close the door on their opponent, that did not happen.  Snow should tell the team to man up!  You are grown men and this is a business.  In any business you do whatever is necessary to get the best product with the best people.

The Islanders Coaching staff did not do enough to rally the team and get the needed results.  Yes, coaches can only do so much once that player hops over the boards and gets on the ice.  What many do not realize that great coaches are always coaching, even after the whistle blows and sound of the horn.  A coaches job is to get 150% out of a player, if that player does not give his soul he needs to know that someone is right behind hungry for his spot.

The line drawn by Capuano from coach to friend is very fine.  There is an obvious respect his players have for him, but you cannot let the inmates run the asylum.  The Isles are a solid group and the coaches and players share their opinions and incites as a whole.  Does this work?  At times it seems as if it does.

Capuano taking the team into Brooklyn is going to give the players a comfort zone, I agree that is needed.  Does Garth Snow have the coaches on a short leash next season?  History points to no.  Snow is putting himself out there by staying with his coaches and we should respect that.

The Islanders have turned the corner and this season is a stepping stone to what should be continued winning and playoff appearances.  Garth Snow by keeping Cappy has now officially unified the two.  If the team flounders at all next season not only can we see Capuano removed but Snow now made himself vulnerable to a firing as well.

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