New York Islanders Daily: More John Tavares Rumors

When the season seems to be coming off the rails more rumors begin to circulate. Now, there’s been more speculation of New York Islanders captain John Tavares going to Toronto.

According to Arthur Staple of Newsday more of the John Tavares to Toronto talks began to circulate again. To be fair they never really calmed down in Toronto but when you see Toronto Star headlines like “Leafs’ best shot at Tavares in sight.” it’s worth mentioning again.

John Tavares has expressed many times that he wants to remain an Islander for life, and I do genuinely believe him when he says it. Garth Snow will have the opportunity to sign him to an extension on July 1st 2017, one year before his contract expires.

Despite these claims you could see why Toronto keeps trying to push the narrative that JT is coming back to be their savior.

The Islanders are spiraling out of control. They’re an undisciplined team who can’t play a full 60 minutes if their life depended on it. Toronto looks at the Islanders and see’s a team taking a step back.

While most of us through the blue and orange tinted lens see a struggling team who made some free agency mistakes, but a team with a future nonetheless.

Really what it comes down to is if John Tavares sees a future with the Islanders he will stay. The Islanders have the prospect depth to pull off a trade, it’s just a matter of if it happens or not.

This is all just speculation talking coming out of Toronto, I think on July 1st Tavares signs an extension.

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