New York Islanders Calvin de Haan Arbitration From Team’s Side

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 13: Calvin de Haan
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 13: Calvin de Haan

Calvin de Haan is filing for arbitration, so what does that mean for the New York Islanders from their perspective?

Arbitration is a legal term. Basically what it means is that an arbitrator will look at Calvin de Haan and decide what his contract should be if a deal is not reached between the New York Islanders General Manager Garth Snow and de Haan/his agent.

The arbitration meeting will go like this, de Haan’s side will come in with a number in mind and the Islanders will go into the meeting with a number in mind and then the arbitrator will make a decision based on comparable players, injury history, and other things.

For more info on that you can look at this Jamie Fitzpatrick article.

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So Mitch already tackled this from Calvin de Haan’s perspective now I will look at how this will go from the team’s point of view.

The Islanders are going to want to go into this meeting and prove why they can get de Haan for a low cap hit. For argument’s sake, I’ll play the role of Garth Snow and I’ll try to prove why de Haan should be a cap hit of $2.5 million a year.

Garth, and I for that matter, most likely know he’s worth more than $2.5 million but you are going to start low in negotiation and hope the arbitrator takes your side.

He’ll go to the stat sheet and he’ll likely compare de Haan to his best defenseman, Nick Leddy. Leddy’s cap hit is $5.5 million and he’ll want to show why de Haan shouldn’t get the same money that Leddy does. Makes sense right?

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de Haan is known for hits and blocking shots. He had 139 hits and 190 blocked shots on the year. The Isles could make the argument that blocked shots are an overrated statistic, I mean Butch Goring does it every night on the broadcast why can’t Snow?

As for hits, Snow could make the argument that the game is going the way of speed and that hits and physicality are no longer important to the game. Leddy is a speed demon and he makes $5.5 million, maybe Garth can try to convince the arbitrator that a player like Leddy is more inclined to make more money as opposed to someone who plays a similar style to de Haan.

You could also bring up the fact that de Haan was on the ice for 74 goals and 17 power play goals. Essentially from the Islanders perspective, you’re trying to say why de Haan is bad, but still good enough as to you want him to sign with your team.

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Arbitration is an interesting time and it could get pretty awkward in there for de Haan as he hears Garth rip apart his game. Hopefully, a deal gets done before arbitration so they don’t have to go through this long and uneasy process.