Islanders Daily: Matt Martin Chimes In On Tavares Contract Situation

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 11: Matt Martin
TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 11: Matt Martin /

Matt Martin chimed in on the New York Islanders and the John Tavares contract situation during an appearance in New York City.

While Matt Martin was at the NHL Store in New York City he was asked about former New York Islanders teammate John Tavares. A couple stories came out from yesterday, but first, I want to talk about Martin for a second.

The stuff he does for charity is awesome! He seems like a great person on and off the ice, yesterday during his appearance he presenting a PTSD service dog to a vet and his daughter. There are pictures on Twitter if you want to check that out so first hats off to him.

We’ll start with Brian Compton’s story from Here’s the first quote from Brian’s

"Martin said he’d love to have Tavares as a teammate again someday, but his main concern is that his friend is happy with whatever decision he makes, whenever that may be."

Essentially the story’s focus was on Matt Martin saying that he wants his teammate to be happy with whatever he chooses. Then you have  Laura Albanes‘ and it’s spun a little bit differently (well the title was different more so)

It’s titled “Matt Martin would love for John Tavares to leave Islanders for Maple Leafs” But here’s the first line:

"Matt Martin isn’t saying he wouldn’t love to be reunited with John Tavares on the Maple Leafs — quite the opposite, actually"

Personally, I hate throwing the term click bait around but this is genuine click bait if I’ve ever seen it. He negates his headline with the first sentence!

Anyway, the point of this is that even Martin is being asked about J.T. He’s not on the team anymore and he’s being asked about it! I had no problem with the Martin quotes, especially when you read the full quote.

So don’t hate on Martin, I don’t want to see any negativity on twitter about him.

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