New York Islanders: Remember John Tavares Wants to Stay

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 11: John Tavares
ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 11: John Tavares

The New York Islanders fans need to remember one thing regarding John Tavares’s situation. Tavares wants to stay.

The speculation articles on the New York Islanders captain John Tavares seems like a daily occurrence. Every NHL pundit is writing how Tavares could leave the Isles.

The important fact to remember here is Tavares doesn’t want to leave the Islanders and Long Island.

It’s fascinating that almost every speculation article that talks about how Tavares could leave via free agency, almost all of them state how he is happy with the Isles and he wants to stay.

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In Sunday’s New York Post, Larry Brooks in his weekly hockey column stated this. Then he went on talking about a doom and gloom scenario for the Isles.

Everyone must remember when a person is happy in their work situation and doesn’t want to go and takes a lot for that person to leave.

Keep in mind that Tavares will by far receive the biggest financially package from the Isles as well.

Tavares means more to the Islanders than any other team in the league. Because of that, the Isles will do whatever it takes contract wise to get a deal done.

Remember too, the Isles can offer Tavares an eight-year deal, while all the other clubs can only go seven years.

The Speculation Articles

Don’t forget that all the speculation articles your read regarding Tavares is well, speculation. All these writers are making assumptions about Tavares and his situation. You know what happens when one assumes.

There is something that all writers desperately want regarding their articles. That is, of course, readers and a lot of views. That’s their job.

What could be a better situation for a writer than to post an article about a superstar player that could become an unrestricted free agent?

How many articles were written about Steven Stamkos? At the end of the day, he stayed in Tampa.

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It appears the holdup in terms of Tavares signing a new deal with the Islanders is related to the new arena situation. He would like that situation to be somewhat settled before he signs a new long-term contract.

If the Isles arena situation goes sideways the least of the fan bases problems will be resigning the captain.