New York Islanders Thomas Hickey Perfect Edmonton Oilers Trade Target

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 11: Thomas Hickey
ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 11: Thomas Hickey /

Edmonton Oilers GM is looking for a defenseman. And there isn’t a better option for him than New York Islanders defender Thomas Hickey.

New York Islanders GM Garth Snow loves dealing with Edmonton Oilers counterpart Peter Chiarelli. Snow generally gets exactly what he wants and gives up very little to do so. But Chiarelli shouldn’t let that get in the way because Thomas Hickey is exactly what he’s looking for.

At the moment the Edmonton Oilers just don’t know how to defend. Case and point their most recent outing against the St. Louis Blues.

The Oilers were absolutely blown out in an 8-3 loss. They just couldn’t defend in their own end. If not for a few garbage time goals for the Oilers the scoreline would have looked worse.

Before the game, it was rumored by Pierre LeBrun on

TSN’ “Insider Trading” segment

that GM Peter Chiarelli was on the hunt for a defenseman to help his ailing blueline.

Hickey Is the Right Fit

New York Islanders blueliner Thomas Hickey is the perfect fit.

Hickey is seemingly surplus to requirements with the Islanders, with him and Dennis Seidenberg alternating as healthy scratches for Doug Weight. He’s on an expiring $2.2 million contract so why not, from an Islanders perspective try and get something for him?

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Why would Edmonton be interested in a guy that is surplus to requirements? That’s a fair question to ask. But looking at Hickey’s underlying numbers, he’s exactly what the Oilers need right now.

Amongst Islanders defensemen, Hickey has the top-ranked Corsi-For numbers with a 53.24%. And that’s while facing the second highest CF% for quality of competition on the team. And with a majority of his start in the defensive zone with 51.8%.

That means Hickey has a hand in controlling play out of the defensive zone and into the offensive zone. While facing top quality opponents.

He’s exactly what the struggling Oilers need. Hickey can play second to third pairing minutes for the Oilers and provide defensive cover for a team that desperately needs it.

Garth would be wise to call up his old buddy in Edmonton and graciously offer him, Thomas Hickey. For a price.

The Islanders need help between the pipes, and I’d hardly call Edmonton a goaltender factory. So if I’m Garth I look to obtain prospects or picks. That’s where the negotiating should start. If Chiarelli wants to offer more, that’s great. But at the very least he should take Snow’s call. Because, again, Hickey is exactly what he needs.

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This trade wouldn’t help the Islanders playing squad right now, but there aren’t even 30 quality starting goalies in the league. Getting one is incredibly difficult. Unless you find a GM in a desperate position.