New York Islanders Fans Must Root Hard Against Calgary Flames

LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 21: Travis Hamonic
LAS VEGAS, NV - FEBRUARY 21: Travis Hamonic /

It’s been a frustrating and disappointing season so far for the New York Islanders. While the playoffs are still a possibility each day it becomes less likely. What’s left for the Islander fans and the organization is to root hard against the Calgary Flames.

While it’s unlikely there will be joy on Long Island regarding the New York Islanders, there is an interest that there is no happiness in Calgary. Sorry Flames fans, but business is business.

Hamonic Trade

Last June, Garth Snow made a significant move by trading Travis Hamonic to Calgary. In return, the Isles received Calgary’s first and second-round picks in the upcoming 2018 June NHL Draft (the Isles also obtained Calgary’s second-round choice in 2019).

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The Islanders had a lot of defenseman on the main roster, as well as others knocking on the door through the prospect pipeline. While Hamonic, could have helped this year, the trade could be a windfall for the blue and orange.

Calgary’s Failure is the Islanders Gain

There is no ill will towards Flames nation from an Islander perspective. However, a treasure trove could await the Isles if Calgary comes up short in their pursuit of the post-season.

As of today, Calgary is outside the playoff bubble in the Western Conference. In fact, despite a solid record they currently sit 11th in the West.

They currently trail Anaheim, San Jose, and Los Angeles in the Pacific. All of which currently occupy playoffs spots. In terms of the wild-card race, they need to leap-frog LA, Colorado, and St. Louis to claim that spot.

It’s not going to be easy for Calgary to make the playoffs.

The Ping Pong Balls

If the season were to end today, the Islanders would have the 13th ping pong ball courtesy of the Hamonic trade.

That would at bare minimum give the Islanders a much more favorable draft selection as opposed to if Calgary made the playoffs. Also, the Isles would have three cracks to win one of the special lottery picks (top 3) with the former Calgary selection.

Either way, it’s a much better scenario for the Islanders if Calgary misses the playoffs. The question is will the Isles have a really good pick in the first-round because of the Hamonic trade or will they have a special pick.

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So Islander fans every Flames game from here on out is big for your team.