Is It Time For The Islanders To Move On From Semyon Varlamov?

Seattle Kraken v New York Islanders
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New York Islanders goalie, Semyon Varlamov was signed by the Islanders in July of 2019. Varlamov was picked up as a free agent and has provided a lot for this team. That is, until up to this year. This year hasn't been Varlamov's best by a long shot.

Semyon Varlamov: The Islanders Starter

When Varlamov first came to New York in 19-20, he had a great season. On the season, Varlamov went 19-14-6. He showed up in a big way and helped to lead the Islanders to a great season, making it to the Conference Finals. He also picked up two shutouts and was an absolute machine in the net.

In 20-21, we saw a lot more of the same from Varlamov. Varlamov finished with a record of 19-11-4 while picking up seven shutouts and having an SV% of .929. Varlamov once again helped lead the Islanders to a great season, making it to the conference finals again, losing to Tampa Bay for the second year in a row.

This year for Varlamov, he hasn't played as well as the new Islanders starter, Ilya Sorokin. Varlamov has a GAA of 2.57 and a SV% of .916. This is both less than Sorokin. There are a lot of fans calling for Sorokin to be a full-time goalie, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Over the course of the first two years, Varlamov has shown to be a force in the goal. However, unfortunately, a lot has changed this season for Varlamov. He isn't the same force he once was. He has given up a lot of easy goals and has shown to be more of a liability in the net.

What Happens Next?

This year, Ilya Sorokin has been playing his heart out and showing up for the team and getting that same respect in return. Sorokin season has a 13-8-5 record on the season. Sorokin also has an SV% of .924 and a GAA of 2.31.

It is time to move on from Varlamov. Try to get someone for him and trade him either by the deadline or by the end of the season. Since the season is essentially over for us, it's time to test out different players and different goalies.

Jakub Skarek has been absolutely killing it for the Bridgeport Islanders. However, right now would not be the time to bring him up as he is still very young and must develop more. In two or three years, Skarek could be called-up to be a solid back-up to Sorokin but what should we do in the immediate future?

The most logical thing to do, like touched upon before, would be to trade him. If the Islanders could get someone temporary, that would work really well for the team. Also, the Islanders have to trade Varlamov while he still has some value and hasn't fallen off too much, which is looking like it may happen.