NY Islanders Bo Horvat acquisition could be an indicator Lou Lamoriello plans to stick around

New York Islanders Training Camp
New York Islanders Training Camp / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

There was a lot of speculation heading into this season on what Lou Lamoriello's future would be with the New York Islanders. Lamoriello was entering the last year of his contract heading into this season and there have been some rumblings that maybe it was time for a change. Let's not forget Lamoriello made a bold move at the beginning of the last off-season by replacing Barry Trotz (who was also in the last year of his contract).

After the recent acquisition of Bo Horvat, all signs are pointing towards Lamoriello to continue to steer the Islanders' ship over the next couple of years.

Horvat Trade

The Horvat trade was a major investment by ownership by signing him to an eight-year $68 million deal. This was in addition to the player cost that went to the Vancouver Canucks in the form of Aatu Raty, the team's 2023 first-round pick (Top 12 Protected), and Anthony Beauvillier.

Hard to believe that ownership would sign off on such a move unless they had full belief and confidence in Lamoriello in running the Islanders not just in the here and now but over the next couple of seasons. One does not make the kind of investment that the Isles did in Horvat unless one believes 100% this is the right move for the organization to make.

Also given the very deep Eastern Conference as well as Metropolitian division ownership will be looking for a new President - General Manager if the Isles fail to make the playoffs. Makes no sense to let your current head of hockey operations make the kind of move that the Bo Horvat trade was and then a couple of months later move on from that person.

In addition regardless if the Islanders make the playoffs and if another playoff run is in the offering, the Horvat move looks like a Home Run. The Isles have added a big-time player in his prime for the next number of years. Lamoriello gets a huge check mark for this move.

The last couple of summers while Lamoriello has been secretive about his cap space regarding his pending free agents the joke was Lou has done deals locked in his drawer in his office and just isn't telling anyone. Well, don't be surprised if Lamoriello's extension for beyond this year is already signed and sealed and locked away as well.