New York Islanders: Rebounding From Flyers Loss Could Prove Tough


Jaroslav Halak and the Islanders need to get back to the team they were just a few weeks back.

The New York Islanders looked to have found their as Ryan Strome said it “mojo,” back.  With under two minutes left in regulation the team scored a pair of goals to tie the game.

The Isles have been trying to find a spark to reignite the passion that carried them through much of the season.  It seemed like they may have found it.  Instead with only three seconds left Brayden Schenn let go a snap shot as he was barely over the blue line.  It was Nothing more than a last second attempt to make anything happen, well it did.  What looked to be an innocent shot found its way past Jaroslav Halak and became the game winner.

That lone goal paused the Isles from clinching a birth tonight.  I do not care what anyone says but the mentality of the team and Halak all went up in flames once the red light lit indicating the goal.

It was another frustrating night for a team that is one point away in clinching a playoff spot.  Somehow the Islanders found a way to sneak back into tonights match.  It was exceptional to see the team score three unanswered goals and never throw in the towel.

The Islanders and especially coach Jack Capuano can tell everyone how they will “shake this one-off” and “get ready for the next one.”  We have heard those particular quotes way to often from this team the past month.  Pretty soon the next “one” they are talking about is going to be a playoff game and you can only lose so many of those.

The terrible reality is it would have been better if the Isles lost 4-1, rather than seeing Halak give up what is the worse goal of the season.

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I know I continue to dwell on the negative but from a fan who sees everything as the glass is half-full.  I cannot find any good in tonight’s game and the way this team has come to play the past few weeks.  The Islanders need to clinch their playoff berth, see who they are going to face and refocus on the second season of the NHL, the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As of right now the Islanders find themselves third in the Metropolitan division and a point behind the Washington Capitals.  The team who was once looked at as the club you would not want to see in the first round now has teams licking their chops at the thought of playing the Islanders.

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