New York Islanders Daily: John Tavares And Arena Speculation

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: John Tavares
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 25: John Tavares /

It’s July 6th and the New York Islanders have not signed John Tavares yet. Naturally, various news outlets started to try to find a reason for it.

July 1, 2017, the first day John Tavares would have been able to sign an extension with the New York Islanders came and went without a signature. Now, five days later there is still nothing on the dotted line which has led to a lot of speculation on the topic.

Arthur Staple gave us three reasons why the deal is taking so long. The arena situation, the front office, and the new Connor McDavid extension all play a role in this said Staple. We’ll start with the other two before we get into the arena talk.

The McDavid deal probably has a bit to do with it. At this time last year, everyone thought Tavares would get an eight-year deal and about $9.5 million per year give or take. After the McDavid announcement, the price seemed to skyrocket. Now some believe that Tavares can yield a $11 million a year cap hit.

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This may be true, but there’s no way that Tavares gets the same kind of deal McDavid does. With all due respect to our captain, they aren’t on the same level of talent.

Then comes the front office. I really don’t see how this one comes into play. He’s already extended here once when the team was in a much worse off position and also what about Garth Snow and company would make John leave? You can say the not winning, but to counter that J.T. has made it rather clear that he wants to stay. I believe him.

The arena situation is where it gets tricky. Hell, even NBC Sports jumped on the bandwagon and went to the arena reason for the deal not being done. I understand why it’s believed John Tavares will sign after a Belmont deal is struck. He wants to know where the team is headed which makes perfect sense.

Don’t go into panic mode just yet Islander fans, this deal will get done in all due time.

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