New York Islanders Calvin de Haan Arbitration Watch Spread

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Bobby Ryan (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Bobby Ryan (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Rumors of offers and ask from players that filed for arbitration are starting to leak. There isn’t anything yet on New York Islanders Calvin de Haan, but get ready for it. And remember it’s a negotiation process.

Some restricted free agents (RFA) at the end of their deals, like New York Islanders Calvin de Haan, had the opportunity to file for arbitration as part of the NHL CBA in contract negotiation with the team.

Elliotte Friedman has already started leaking out some team offers and player’s asks on Twitter. And as you can expect, it’s become quite the talking point for fan bases involved.

We’ve already gone over what Calvin de Haan might ask and what the team might offer Calvin leading up to arbitration. We thought de Haan might as for somewhere around $5 million, and the team might offer him $2.5 million.

But when the actual numbers come out from both camps, remember, this is a negotiation process.

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Reveals How They Feel

Even though it’s just a negotiation process whatever number each camp comes up with will reveal how they feel, either about themselves (in the case of de Haan’s camp) and about their asset (talking about the team).

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The Islanders have the goal of keeping costs low because overpaying any player doesn’t keep the cap under control. For de Haan, he’ll want that number to a reflection of what he thinks his value is in the league and to the New York Islanders.

So when the team comes in with a bottom dollar offer, like that Brian Dumoulin offer from Pittsburgh. The offers and asks just show the barometer of where that contract should be. For Dumoulin, somewhere within that $1.95 to $4.35 million range.

Admittedly that’s a massive range. And, to me, that’s the interesting part. How far apart are the player and the team?

For Dumoulin, it’s a difference of $2.4 million, but for the New York Rangers Mika Zibanejad, it’s just $1.25 million. The closer the two parties the likelier a deal gets done ahead of an arbitration ruling. It also reveals just how each party sees the other.

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So when the numbers are eventually leaked, just remember that it’s a negotiation process. It’s in Calvin de Haan’s best interest to start high and the New York Islanders to start low. But let’s just wait and see how far apart they get. If they even get there. They could sign a deal tomorrow, canceling the whole arbitration bit.